New for the 2005 V6 Mustang... BURIES the competition!
Also available for the Mustang GT.

Kev's thoughts:
"The first thing I noticed was the IDLE had an almost v8 sound to it! On the drive I played with the throttle to find any resonance which most non stock mufflers have. It is at about 1500 to 1800 rpm so highway speeds are not going to drone you to death. The cruising sound is authoritative yet not overpowering. Check it out!"

For pricing, check out the eBay auction or email Kevin at!

Sound Clips
Stock - Idle Coffin - Idle Coffin - Start, Rev Coffin - Full Throttle Rev

V6 Pictures
4b_1_b.jpg 5d_1_b.jpg b8_1_b.jpg cj1.jpg coffin3.jpg
coffin_2.jpg ee_1_b.jpg f8_1_b.jpg oej.jpg rc1.jpg